What Causes Gums To Recede?

What is the most prevalent disease in humans? If you think cold is the most common, you're wrong. Dental caries and gum disease receding gums are the most common, which affects 60-90% of schoolchildren worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But it affects not only children, but also adults and can lead to tooth loss. To prevent from this, here are a few tips to stop receding gums tooth decay.

​Is it possible to reverse gum recession?

The pain is not the only sign of disease.

Let’s first tear down this myth that is, without pain we cannot suffer from any illness, but this does not happen in case of dental cavities. You may have it without feeling any symptoms. However, you can sometimes feel the following symptoms:

  • Painful sensation in the teeth or toothache especially after taking sweet or drinks, hot or cold food.
  • Dimpling or visible holes in the teeth.

Dental cavities is such a common disease that sometimes taken too lightly. We should pay more attention to enamel surface, so as to save it from the attack fo tartar.

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Tips to cure for receding gums

Do your oral hygiene.  In the mouth, saliva, bacteria, and food debris form the dental plaque on the tooth surface. If plaque is not removed every so often it ends up attacking the enamel surface of the teeth, creating holes. So use Naturessmile gum paste after your regular toothpaste, which will keep your mouth fresh and clean.

Watch your diet. Contrary to popular belief, sweets and sugars are not the key reason associated with tooth decay. Foods rich in complex carbohydrates (starch) are contributing more to their training because they stick to the teeth and form acids that remain longer in contact with the enamel. Moreover, dried fruit juices and fatty acids are not really helpful. So it is good to stay away from them. It is good to include in your diet essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins C and D.

Enrich your teeth with fluoride. The fluoride creates a protective layer on the tooth surface to endure the enamel and makes it more resistant. For this you can take foods such as gelatin, sea fish (sardines, salmon, seafood ....), chicken or fluoridated water. Usually foods contain a lower proportion of fluorine, so you can take its appropriate amount via fluoride rich gels, toothpastes or mouthwashes. 

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Visit your dentist. Tooth decay may have no symptoms, so it is important that you must visit the dentist one or two times in a year so as to prevent it. If you do not treat, it can lead to a tooth abscess - collection of pus inside the tooth or destruction of the dental pulp.

In short, receding gums dental cavities is not exclusively a childhood disease also affects adults and can lead to tooth loss if not treated early.